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Frequently Asked Questions
  Protecing your home

Rats, Mice and Squirrels

Need help removing the little feet in the attic?

Rodents spread disease, leave droppings in your home, and can cause major destruction chewing insulation, wiring, plumbing. wood and
almost anything in your home.

PestCo has developed methods over the years to rid homes of rats,
mice and squirrels. The only real way to remedy this problem is exclusion.
Removing the critters then sealing the house from the ground to the roof to
create thorough exclusion is the key to ending worries with rodents.

PestCo DOES NOT use baits to (attempt) rodent control. Baits leave dead carcasses inside walls, in crawl spaces and attics producing awful odors. Bait that "dries'em up" or "makes'em go outside for water" does not exist.

Call PestCo for effective wildlife exclusion.